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General information

There are a series of tutorials for MIDI Connections Score, Light and Free (at the moment only in German). Since the structure of the three versions is the same, the tutorials as well as the questions and answers are valid for all versions. The functionality of the MC-Light and MC-Free are reducted.

In order to quickly find the position in the tutorials on a pending question, are the questions directly linked to the place of the answer in the video tutorials.

Clicking on the question opens the "solution page" with one Short description and a jump into the video Tutorial with the corresponding Explanations. The number behind the question shows in which tutorial the question is answered.

General questions:

- How to install MIDI Connections Score, Light or Free? (Tutorial 1)
- What to do at the first program start? (1)
- How to register the program? (1)
- What is the start page from MIDI-Connections for? (1)
- Where are the songs stored in the basic settings? (1)
- Where can I find the program options? (1)
- Where can I change the hotkeys? (1)

Questions about the notation:

- How can I quickly create a simple sheet of music? (1)
- What's the use of the different tools in the Score view? (1)
- How do I enter notes in a sheet of music? (1)
- How can I select a note? (1)
- How do I change the note value using hotkeys? (1)
- How can I set a accidental to a note? (1)
- Where do I enter the time signature and key of a new piece? (1)
- How can I delete the bars at the end of the piece? (1)
- How to draw grouping lines? (1)

Questions about the sequencer:

- Wie ist der MIDI-Sequenzers aufgebaut? (1)
- Wie wechselt man zwischen der Notation- und der Sequenzer-Ansicht? (1)
- Wie bearbeite ich Noten im MIDI-Sequenzer (1)
- Wie ändere ich die Auflösung des Key-Grids? (1)
- Wie kann ich im Grid die Noten/Lautstärke anzeigen? (1)
- Wie kann ich Noten im Multi Grid des Sequenzer eingeben? (1)
- Wie kann ich den Eventeditor ein/ausblenden? (1)

Questions about the band:

- .....

Questions about the sound and the MIDI settings:

- T1 15:00 900 Einstellungen der MIDI-Ein und Ausgabegeräte